Paul is a roboticist, artist, and co-founder of the robotics art & design studio Rusty Squid Ltd.  He is currently employed as a research fellow for the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England Bristol.

Paul is challenging our expectations of what we can expect from digital printing by exploiting the physicality of the machine to add expressive qualities.  Paul has employed techniques from robotics to stop a printer from moving in a consistent and sterile way, to push digital printing away from the notion of the perfect reproduction.  He has a particular interest in how a robot could be programmed to use common artists materials (pens, pencils, etc) with an inquisitive artificial intelligence.  He has written bespoke software for the printing robot to interpret any digital image into a composition of gestures for mark-making.  He has drawn from research on handwriting, sketching, and other approaches that imply an imperfect personal touch, and sought to elevate the physical imperfections of the machine and artist materials as a valuable contribution to the printing process.  His work builds on the legacy of the Algorist art movement and draws on the contemporary Generative Art scene.  The result are digital prints that have a unique material quality and a striking machine-authenticity.


TITLE: Skull
YEAR: 2017
IMAGE DIMENSIONS: W 13 cm x H 16 cm
MEDIUM: Robot Drawing
SUBSTRATE: Somerset Photo Satin
PRICE: £190


Watch the robot in action


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