Jennifer Yorke’s work examines the tension between public space and private identity.  Through manipulations of familiar images, Yorke suggest that our public and private selves are not easily reconciled.  In her recent collages, she conflate fashion’s celebration and distortion of the body with our more day-to-day experience of its flaws, failures and expellants.

Curling blonde hair is an icon of feminine allure and a symbol of conformity.  Jennifer surrounds the viewer with enlarged blonde hair in Bombshell, a large installation of inkjet prints on translucent silk.  Bombshell both seduces and suffocates, much like the idealized femininity it depicts.

Yorke’s work is about our often-unsuccessful attempts to know and understand the world through appearances, which offer us both more and less than we expect.  The moments of uncertainty that my work at once represents and creates are moments of possibility, in which we are forced to give up our preconceptions about each other.

TITLE: Have More (Blonde)
YEAR: 2005
IMAGE DIMENSIONS: W 118.8 cm x H 88.9 cm
SUBSTRATE DIMENSIONS: W 118.8 cm x H 88.9 cm
MEDIUM: Pigmented Inkjet Print
PRICE: £550


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