Jack Youngblood is an artist whose work has been collected by such establishment figures as Lord Cowrie, previously British Minister of the Arts and the Arts Council of Great Britain. However, David Bowie was also an avid collector and his work is much appreciated by those with an interest in the digital, the excessive and the consummate.

Jack Youngblood moved to Singapore from London’s prestigious Goldsmiths’ College in 2006. He is rapidly gaining something of a cult following as a maker of striking digital images that involve zombies, spaceships and lunar landscapes.

TITLE: The Exhausted Spaceman
YEAR: 2005
IMAGE DIMENSIONS: W 63 cm x H 77 cm
SUBSTRATE DIMENSIONS: W 88.9 cm x H 118.8 cm
MEDIUM: Pigmented Inkjet Print
SUBSTRATE: HP Productivity Semi Photo Gloss
PRICE: £550


Skills Jack Youngblood